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Hamburg Süd and Electrolux are reducing sulfur dioxide emissions
Governments must compromise on ship emissions: ICS
Shipping could be 95% decarbonized by 2035: OECD
Container Lines Face Extra $34 Billion from Low-Sulphur Fuel Switch if Owners Don’t Install Scrubbers
Cargill role for scrubbers to meet IMO 2020 sulfur cap
Japan’s oil firms opt for scrubbers to cut emissions
Technical managers see scrubbers as most viable choice for VLCCs
Shipowners’ Multibillion-Dollar Quandary: Buy Cleaner Fuel or a Fuel Cleaner?
Sulfur rules lead to a record fine for Color Line
Dawn of a new Fuel?
Cleaner marine fuels prevent many emissions related deaths
Ships leave pollution trails visible from orbit
Taiwan to implement 0.5% sulphur cap in 2019 (Feb 2018)
IBIA Chairman: If you have not bought a scrubber, do it now (Dec 2017)
Expert: scrubbers with filters better than distillates for human health (Nov 2017)
With a 175% ROI, marine scrubbers make economic sense: Deutsche Bank (Nov 2017)
No delay to 2020 Sulfur Cap’s Entrance into Force (Nov 2017)
Slow steaming could cut emissions by a third
Hamburg Port to Attract Clean Ships with New Fee System
Scrubbers in global Orderbook
Scrubber orders rising but big uptake some way off
Keeping A Tight Lid On Tier III & Sealing Solutions
Engine Suppliers Prepare for 2020
IHS Markit report on 2020 Low Sulfur challenge for Shippers & Refiners
Port of LA Expands Incentive Program to Reduce Ship Emissions
Sniffers drones & helicopters to monitor 0.1% Sulfur compliance
The cost of non-compliance
The 2017 European Marine Engineering: A strong case for Scrubbers
The Trident Alliance commits to supporting robust & transparent enforcement of sulphur regulations
New project against air pollution from ships in Med
Port of Hamburg to measure air quality with sensors
EU-MRV updates to be MRV Ready!
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IMO sets 2020 date for ships to comply with LSFO requirement
Ships face lower sulphur fuel requirements in ECA from 1-JAN-2015
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